ECG & Cardiac Checkup

ECG & Cardiac Checkup

There are various causes to heart disease . Heart diseases like coronary artery disease is caused by blockages in the arteries. Early and accurate diagnosis can be the key to successful treatment. When a heart condition is discovered early through regular heart screening, the treatment required tends to be less invasive and more likely to succeed.

The first step towards screening starts from an ECG.

In diabetes heart problems are most often silent. At times the patient may have vague symptoms such as stomach pain, shoulder and arm pain, vomiting, hiccups, heart burn . Hence there is tendency to attribute these symptoms to other problems such as muscular pain or acidity and we may miss early detection of cardiac problems.

ECHO AND TMT (tread mill test ) aims to detect risk factors for heart disease in its earliest stage

Our Cardiac Package which is recommended to do atleast once in 2 years (in high risk it is to be done once every year) helps to identify problems at an early stage and therefore ensures timely treatment and prevention of major heart problem.